Benefits of Saffron

Saffron has many health benefits which include cellular protection, support joint pain treatment, improves vision, helps sleeping problems, good for brain health, help breathing problem, promotes digestion and wound healing, promote good heart, liver and skin health.  

Saffron is exceptionally good for skin health. To obtain the benefit of saffron on your skin, sab your skin with saffron water daily (before sleep) and leave it for 10-15 minutes before wiping off. Continuous use help lighten the skin, helps treat acne and blemishes and treat dull skin, tones your skin and help improve texture. It is therefore, not surprising that Saffron has been used by ancient Egyptians for their skin health.

Acetreme dried saffron is your new health tea for skin.

How to Use Saffron

You can use Acetreme Saffron by mixing with your favourite dishes, ground it with other spices using pestle and mortar or simply make it into a tea. To make saffron tea, simply treat it like green tea. Brew it in water between 160-170 F (70-77 C). Steep for 15 minutes until the water turns deep yellow. No matter how you use it, you will benefit from the flavor and health benefits that Saffron provides.