– Saffron –

The Exotic Spice You’d Probably Never Heard Before

What is Saffron?

Saffron is the dried orange-red stigmas that originate from a purplish flower called Crocus Sativus. Because each flower only has three stigmas, it has to be harvested carefully by hand just as the flower is opening which is makes it one of the most exquisite spices that’s worth its money in gold.

Where can Saffron be found?

Saffron can be found in countries near the Middle East and Western Europe like Iran, Afghanistan, Greece, Spain, Morocco and India but the production of saffron spices is located in the US.

How does Saffron taste?

In case you’re wondering how Saffron tastes like, the spice is extremely subtle and fragrant. It is slightly sweet and exudes a luxurious and enigmatic taste that entices your senses yet instantly recognizable in a dish. As the saying goes, you’ll know it when you taste it.

Is Saffron Expensive and Why?

The price of saffron can go as high as $8,000 per pound (50g), making it the most expensive food on earth. But you don’t need much to enliven a dish. Just a tiny pinch is sufficient and it won’t break your wallet. Harvesting saffron is a painstaking effort and usually done manually and with care by experienced harvester. Coupled with the fact that the flower has low yields – with each flower blooming only once a year and produces merely 3-4 stamens – it takes 70,000 crocus flowers to produce just one pound of dried saffron. As such, the finished product comes with such a high price tag.